In Bed at Night
Noted Brazilian director and actor Elias Andreato worked with New World Theater students in a reading of his new play. Presented by New World School of the Arts Theater Department. Sponsored by Associação Alumni & Secretária de Estado da Cultura do Estado de São Paulo - DFC and State of FL, Division of Cultural Affairs Arts in Ed.

Under Water
Under Water is a lively comedy written and performed by Angela Dip, based on the adventures of Annie Taylor, who in 1901 at 63 years of age went over the Niagara Falls in a barrel—her thoughts before the plunge. Under Water ran for 5 nights at Coral Gables' New Theatre to rave reviews.


So Happy
So Happy by The Box of Images (Grupo Caixa de Imagens), a magical puppet group from Brazil, delighted the young audience at Coral Gables' New Theatre with puppets— a clown, a ballerina, a painter— that interact with video and humans in small sketches that portray universal themes.


The Chef
From Brazil to the Festival d’Avignon in France to Miami, this festival favorite, The Box of Images (Grupo Caixa de Imagens), brought to our streets their 3-minute, miniature, magical, poetic work, The Chef, a one on one experience, viewed by peering into an old-style street photographer’s camera box.


Robert Flynn Wall Installation
Miami International Airport, Concourse C, across from Martin Air Holland
Robert Flynn has transformed a 10' by 40' Miami International Airport wall with a collage of 80 sheets of larger-than-life bird images. This project commissioned by Tigertail is co-presented with mia Gallery. The wall will be up through January 31, 2001, on view 24 hours daily.

Site-created Installation
Locust Projects, 105 NW 23rd Street, south of the Design District, 1 block west of North Miami Ave.

Locust Projects is an alternative exhibition environment dedicated to showing and publicizing powerful, often under-represented projects, located in Miami's 'hottest' new art district. The Brazilian artist, Albano Alfonso, was selected on their recent Tigertail-sponsored trip to São Paulo, Brazil. Co-presented with Locust Projects.


The evening started with the Not-So-Silent Auction benefiting Tigertail. Fanciful, fantastic and practical items were for sale—all items relating to food. Then it was Feeding Frenzy, a fun and outrageous performance event by New York City composer Fast Forward for 4 musicians, 4 waiters, 4 chefs and an audience of 100 who came to eat! A great time was had by all, participants and diners alike.


Video Prophet
Miami media artist Charles Recher created another magical, mysterious, video event. A 10-foot-tall man with a video head wandered the streets of Miami Beach and Coral Gables, delighting all who were lucky enough to observe.


MPB 4, an outstanding history-making vocal quartet, presented a musical homage to the great Brazilian composers Vinicius de Morais and Chico Buarque—an unforgettable evening of great Brazilian music.
-Co-presented with TV Maker. Sponsored by New Port Tours and SteakMaster.


Quasar Dance Company
Quasar, a dazzling, athletic, sophisticated dance company, known for their biting irreverence and stunning wit, a big-league company from little known Goiania, Brazil presented their stunning new work Choreography for Listening.
Brazilian rhythms —"repentes", "maracatu", "frevo", "coco"— from the streets of Brazil acted as the conducting wire for this powerful new work. Co-presented with Centro Cultural Brasil/USA. Touring support from SAF.

Three Girls and a Boy
This jewel of a solo choreographed by João Saldanha, danced by Marcelo Braga, dealt with João's relationship with his famous father, the noted Brazilian journalist and soccer coach. Three Girls and a Boy celebrates parenthood, partnership and love.

The entrancing Miami-based dancer/choreographer Giovanni Luquini teamed up with NYC real-time video artist Benton-C Bainbridge in an intensely beautiful meld of theater, real-time video imagery and dance in DOG DOG, inspired by African deities. Commissioned by a grant from fifty over fifty.

Four Love Songs and a Madrigal
Fresh from his laurels in the Baryshnikov Ocean Dance project, Demetrius Klein, a luscious mover and choreographer, premiered his solo, Four Love Songs and a Madrigal, accompanied on stage by acoustic guitarist Constantinos Jaferis and soprano Noree Boyd. Commissioned by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts

Pereres, a dance and music work created in an extended residency by Giovanni Luquini with students from West Homestead Elementary and Rainbow Park Elementary was presented during the intermission of one evening's dance program. Our 2nd year of a Tigertail School Dance Project was presented with support from Miami-Dade County Public Schools.


Change of Skin
Change of Skin, a 9-minute interactive dance work performed by Brazilian dancer/choreographer Vera Sala and musician/composer Alfredo Triff with a 15-foot reticulated snakelike wooden sculpture by sculptor Ricardo Ribemboim, was performed during two weekend afternoons at North Miami Beach's Musem of Contemporary Art (MoCA). An eminent Brazilian movement investigator, Vera lent a distinct physicality to her keen research in this well-received project. Following one of the performances, a panel composed of Vera Sala, Brazilian dance scholar Christine Greiner and Alfredo Triff discussed Cultural Comparisons Regarding 'New' in Latin America and South Florida. Co-presented with Museum of Contemporary Art.

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