Under Water
Performed by Angela Dip

New Theatre, 65 Almeria, Coral Gables, "Where theater is live and up-close."
--performed in English--


Under Water is a lively comedy, performed by Angela Dip, inspired by the adventures of Annie Taylor, who in 1901 at 63 years of age went over the Niagara Falls in a barrel -- her thoughts before the plunge.  In 1901 Annie Taylor, a retired teacher of etiquette and dance, decided to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel as a publicity stunt.  Under Water is inspired by a photo of this actual incident.  The play is about what might occur in the mind of a person before going forward with such a drastic stunt.  In a witty comedy, actress Angela Dip places Under Water in present time where the Internet has more value than her books.  She tries to cope with the solitude by humanizing objects.  In a life that is out of control the barrel becomes a home, a refuge, a hiding place and a prison.  In Under Water the actress goes in and out of an actual barrel with great agility, creating an imaginative dance of words and movement.

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