Robert Flynn

Wall Installation

Miami International Airport, Concourse C, across from MartinAir

Robert Flynn transforms a 10' by 40' Miami International Airport wall with a collage of 80 sheets of larger-than-life bird images. In this dramatic new temporary art work Robert Flynn is using silk screen techniques to create his oversized images. These huge epoxy-stiffened images are then applied like wallpaper or tile to the wall with Velcro. Scientific charts and listings of encyclopedic knowledge are the inspiration for his new work. Varieties of birds and flora are rediscovered and renewed from cold scientific handbooks and journals. Robert's images are personal journals of an already charted world; the difference between knowledge and intellect. Robert Flynn received his MFA from Rutgers University in New Brunswick. Flynn received a 1996/97 Southern Arts Federation NEA fellowship and a 1997 Florida Individual Artist Fellowship.

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