New Vision Florida/Brazil Festival '97


The New Vision Florida/Brazil Festival is the most comprehensive festival of new work from Brazil and Florida that exists in the U.S. It presents a fresh and innovative face of Brazil's dance, music, film and visual arts - and a look at the work of some of Florida’s most distinctive voices in these disciplines. The 1997 festival attracted people from all corners of South Florida society to a tremendously successful event. Here are the events that took place:



CITY/CIDADE site installations by visual artists Quisqueya Henriquez and JosÚ Damasceno
JosÚ Damasceno, untitled, Albion Hotel Courtyard, 311 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach
Quisqueya Henriquez, The Idea of Fragmentation (Time), RioArte Gallery Sergio Porto, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The theme of CITY/CIDADE was the city as observed from the viewpoint of beach communities (Rio/Miami Beach) - affected by light, color, pace, lifestyle, attitudes, social and political issues. This was a Miami Beach/Rio de Janerio Sister City Friendship Alliance Project. CITY/CIDADE was curated by Kate Rawlinson and Agnaldo Farias.
Essay on the work of Quisqueya Henriquez, by Kate Rawlinson.
Essay on the work of JosÚ Damasceno, by Agnaldo Farias.

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These films were presented:

Adriana Dutra, director of the Brazilian Film Festival, introduced the films on opening night.

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Collaboration by Alfredo Triff, violin, and Arnaldo Antunes, text and vocals
was presented at the Ambrosino Gallery, 3095 SW 39th Avenue, Miami
Miamian Alfredo Triff, a gifted violinist and composer, worked with Arnaldo Antunes, a concrete poet and star of Brazil's famous rock group TitŃs in an evening of cutting edge sound and text.

Baden Powell, legendary Brazilian guitarist - only U. S. appearance
Coral Gables Congregational Church, 3010 De Soto Blvd.
This solo concert featured Baden Powell, the great Brazilian innovator and virtuoso guitarist, known for his Afro-sambas and his work with Vinýcus de Morais, a central figure in the Bossa-Nova movement. Co-produced with the Rhythm Foundation, co-sponsored by the Coral Gables Congregational Church.

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Lia Rodrigues Dance Company & Florida choreographers
new dance work by Susana Yamauchi & Florida choreographers
Colony Theater, 1040 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach



Books & Books on the Beach, 933 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach
Across the Lines, an informal gathering with Brazilian dance critic Helena Katz, area choreographers & dance writers generated quite a lively discussion about the differences in attitude about dance and the arts in Brazil and the U.S.

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The party, at the Albion Hotel Courtyard, 311 Lincoln Road, featuring special guest artist Babs Case, in a dance/installation Woods Mix, celebrated the opening of JosÚ Damasceno's art installation.

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