Arnaldo Antunes

ARNALDO ANTUNES has been doing music, poetry, performances and interventions in other media since 1980.

He has published five books: OU E (1982); Psia, Ed. Expressão/Ed Iluminuras, São Paulo (1986/2nd edition); Tudos, Ed. Iluminuras, São Paulo (1990/3rd edition); As Coisas - Jabui Poetry Prize, Ed. Iluminuras, São Paulo (1992/3rd edition) and 2 ou + corpos no mesmo espaço Ed. Perspectiva São Paulo (1997).

In 1982 he founded the rock group Titans (Titãs) and performed with them until 1992. They released seven albums by Warner/Brazil, winning many gold and platinum L/P's: Titãs, Televisão, Cabeça Dinossauro, Jesus Não Tem Dentes no País dos Banguelas, Go Back, O Blésq Blom and Tudo ao Mesmo Tempo Agora.

He has composed for Jorge Benjor, Marisa Monte, Gilberto Gil, Marina, Arto Lindsay, Péricles Cavalcanti, João Donato, Carlinhos Brown, Cazuza, Roberto Frejat, Edgard Scandurra, Arrigo Barnabé, Paulo Leminski and Alice Ruiz.

Arnaldo as written more than 150 songs recorded by such artists as: Gal Costa - Cabelo; Jorge Benjor - Cabelo; Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso - As Coisas; Maria Bethania - Lua Vermelha; Marisa Monte - Beija Eu, Alta Noite, Volte para o Seu Lar, Comida, Bem Leve, Eu Não Sou da Sua Rua and De Mis Ninquém; (included in the film Blue in the Face by Wayne Wang U.S.A. 1995); Marina - Grávida (APCA award for the best song of the year 1991); Barão Vermelho - Quem Me Olha Só, Lente, Nã o Me Acabo; Sandra de Sá Tempo; Ney Matogrosso - Comida; Adriana Calcanhoto - Estrelas; Cássia Eller, Cazuza, Ira!, Péricles Cavalcanti, among others.

In 1993, after leaving the Titans, he released NOME, a multimedia project developed from his poems and songs. The project includes a video, a book with a graphic version of its images and a CD.
Paulo Tatit, Rodolfo Stroeter and Arnaldo Antunes produced the CD NOME, in which Marisa Monte, Arto Lindsay, João Donato, Péricles Cavalcanti, Edgard Scandurra, Peter Price, Zaba Moreau and Zé Eduardo Nazário participate. The CD contains the same music and sound poetry of the video soundtrack.

Arnaldo Antunes, Celia Catunda, Kiko Mistrorigo and Zaba Moreau used computer animation, photos, recorded images, moving text, music, poetry, calligraphy, typography, to produce the video - 30 short pieces in 53 minutes. The video NOME has been screened in: Brazil, USA, Austria, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, Holland, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia and Chile. It received an Honorable Mention in the First Annual New York VideO Festival in 1994 and a Recommendation of the Jury in the International Video Festival of Vigo, Spain in 1995.

The concert NOME, based on the CD and the video, was shown all over Brazil during 1994. The Brazilian visual artists Nuno Ramos and Gualter Pupo created the set design. During the hour and 10 minutes, simultaneously with the with the live music, sections of the video are projected onto a suspended giant white shirt which is inflated by a wind machine. There are five other suspended giant white shirts over the stage that are lite and wind blown. Voice, sampler, electric and acoustic guitars, bass and drums work together with the sound of a percussion structure made of plastic, wood and iron pieces from a junk deposit, specially for the concert.

Edgard Scandurra, Paulo Tatit, Pedro Ito, Peter Price and Zaba Moreau performed in the original concert version of Nome and most recently for the CD and live concert of Ninguém.

Recently Arnaldo took part in the event Dentro Brasil (Inside Brazil), with a poetry-installation, an exhibition of his visual poetry and the video NOME, alongside a multimedia installation by Bruce and Norman Yonemoto and a program of 23 videos by Brazilian video artists, at the Long Beach Museum of Art in California. For the opening of this event he did a performance of NOME with Zaba Moreau using poetry, music and video projection.

In 1996 he began working on his third CD O Silencio (The Silence), BMG-Ariola/Brasil.

Last year for the New Vision Florida/Brazil Festival he performed the concert version of NOME and installed a wall work for the exhibition, The Manipulated Word Text & Image.

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