six short films from
Casa de Cinema
Porto Alegre, Brazil

Sex and Beethoven - The Return, 18 minutes
Director, Carlos Gerbase
Year, 1980
35 mm, color
Two men call two prosititutes to kill time. Sex,
philosophy and literature make up a night of
revelations, while Beethoven turns in his coffin.

Angelo Has Vanished, 17 minutes
Director, Jorge Furtado
Year, 1997
35 mm, color
Two old friends meet and lose one another in a
labyrinth of gates, fences and walls of a big city.

Deus Ex-Machina, 25 minutes
Director, Carlos Gerbase
Year, 1995
35 mm, color
Four characters searching for truth, lying all the
time. This is an exercise in dialetic editing. It is
a story without a tail, but with a head.

Prizes: Gramado Festival 1995: Best Film -
Official Jury, Best Film - Critics Jury, Best Direction, Best Screenplay.
Brazilian Festival 1995: Best Film - Popular Jury, Best Screenplay.

Barbosa, 13 minutes
Director, Jorge Furtado
Year, 1988
35 mm, color, black & white
A goal is made and Brazil loses the 1950 World cup in soccer.
This goal changed the lives of millions of people. And what if
it was possible to put back the clocks to 1950 and stop
Ghippia's goal? One person is willing to do this. This film is
not about soccer. It is a film about Brazil and our guilt.

Prizes: Gramado Festival 1988: Best Montage. Brasilia Festival 1988: Best Screenplay.
Maranhĺo Cinema and Video Day, 1988: Best Plot/ Screenplay/ Editing.
International Film Festival of the New Latin American
Cinema, Havana, 1988: Best Short Fiction Film.

Island of Flowers, 12 minutes Director, Jorge Furtado
Year, 1989
35 mm, color
A tomato is planted, harvested, transported and sold in a
supermarket, but it goes bad and ends up in the garbage.Ends
up? No. Island of Flowers follows it to its true end among
animals, garbage, women and children. And then the
difference that exists between tomatoes, pigs and human
beings becomes clear.
Prizes: Gramado Festival 1989: Best Short Film - Official Jury/
Popular Jury / Critics Award, Best Screenplay, Best Editing. International Film
Festival, Berlin, 1990: Silver Bear. Air France Award: Best Brasilian Short Film, 1989.

The Serious Man, 18 minutes
Director, Dainara Toffoli and Diego de Godoy
Year, 1996
35 mm, color, black & white
Hilário Pestana, the most famous, funniest and ironically
the saddest of all Brazilian actors has died. Hilário's
career spanned through several eras of the Brazilian
cinema: the comedies of the late 1950's, the classics of
the Vera Cruz Studios, soft porn movies and experimental
films. He was adored by cinema audiences, had a talent
for comedy, but his one and only wish was to be a
serious man.

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