4th Annual 1998 FLA/BRA FESTIVAL

FESTIVAL CALENDAR (subject to change: Last Updated 9/28/98)

September ALUMNI, residency in São Paulo, Brazil by Karen Peterson working with the disabled and physically challenged in a two-week workshop setting.
September 10-October 16
Reception Wednesday, 9/10
Open daily M-F, 9 AM - 4:30 PM
Centre Gallery, Visual Art Exhibition, The Present Absent: Five Artists from Rio
5 visual artists from Rio de Janeiro, catalog English & Portuguese
October 22, Opening Night, Thursday Albion Hotel, Miami Beach, Opening Party
October 23 & 24

Friday, 8 pm

Saturday, 8 pm

Saturday, following performances

Ambrosino Gallery, 3095 SW 39th Avenue, Coral Gables (one block south of Bird Rd.), free
Augusto de Campos CONCRETE POETRY Ensemble, Gustavo Matamoros FISHTANK Ensemble, Keshavan Maslak

Octavio Donasci, projected 15’ installation, Marilyn Gottlieb-Roberts’ Vulture Moon 15’ illuminated globe event, Beatriz Azevedo, poety performance with 5 Haitian drummers, Jan Sebon, poetry, Charles Recher, video installation, Alfredo Triff & Livio Tragtenberg violin and saxophone

Buzzard Ball - Dance Party
'World Famous' Sushi Blues Band - dance party & sushi, $10

October 30-November 5
Alliance Cinema, 927 Lincoln Road, nightly screenings
filmmakers attending, featuring a soccer film Brazilian Football Revised/PROS, 'best of' the Brazilian Film Festival
November 4-8
Opening Wednesday
Area Stage, Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, Oscar Wilde, solo play
performed by Elias Andreato, based on Wilde’s prison writings De Profundis, with English supertitles
November 7 & 8
2 - 4 PM
Alliance Cinema, David Byrne's Brazil Series films, Jorge Ben, Tom Zé, other shorts
November 8
Wolfsonian Museum, 1001 Washington, Miami Beach, free
Architecture Under the Good Neighbor Policy: Architectural Relations Between Brazil and the United States in the 1930’s and 1940’s, lecture by Lauro Cavalcanti director of Paço Imperial, Rio de Janeiro.
November 9-13
MetroRail Stations downtown, VALISES, dance/installations by New World School of the Arts students, choreography by Ana Vitoria from Rio, 5 pm daily, free
November 11, Wednesday Coral Gables Congregational Church, 3010 De Soto Blvd., João Bosco concert, solo guitar, $35 & $25
November 12, Thursday Books & Books on the Beach, 927 Lincoln Road, free
Informal dance discussion with Brazilian dance critic Christine Greiner, area choreographers & dance writers
November 13 & 14
Friday & Saturday
Colony Theater, 1040 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach
Dance from Brazil, Susana Yamauchi, Lia Rodrigues Dance Company, Dance from Florida, Demetrius Klein, Gary Lund, Giovanni Luquini, Lucia Aratanha and Tamara Welch
November 15
Wolfsonian Museum, 1001 Washington, Miami B., free
Burle Marx, Father of the Modern Garden, lecture by Conrad Hamerman. Introduction by Jack Luft.
July 1999 Paço Imperial, Rio, Brazil, exhibition of work by South FL visual artists

Call Tigertail Productions, at 305 324 4337, for a brochure and ticket information