Susana Yamauchi


Susana performed her stunning 50-minute solo A Flor da Pele in her first FLA/BRA. appearance in 1995. In addition, in 1995 she worked in residence in Miami for three weeks choreographing a new work for three women of the Miami DanceWave Company and teaching. In 1996 she performed the second part of her trilogy The Occult Face, taught at FIU and participated in the seminar component of the New Vision Florida/Brazil Festival. In 1997, she brought us a special project–Interactions–a dance/theater piece designed to bring attention to youth in transient and homeless situations, set on Tamara Welch and Florida International University Dance students.

This year, Susana returns with Tarantula, danced by Lucia Arantanha, Gary Lund, Giovanni Luquini and Demetrius Klein.

Born in 1957 in Brazil to Japanese parents, Susana studied ballet for six years. Her formation as an artist included, among others, periods of study in Brazil with Escola Municipal de Bailado (1967-1975), Ballet Stagium (1972-1976), in the U.S. with Alvin Ailey Dance School (1979), Merce Cunningham (1979), Louis Falco Dance Studio (1979), Asakawalker Dance Studio (1979), Bale Israel Guiser (1989-1984), Jennifer Muller and the Works (1984-1985) and Paul Taylor Dance Company (1985). Her professional debut was with Ballet Stagium in 1976 in Brazil. In the late 70's she had a Fulbright Fellowship to New York City, toured with the Larry Richardson Company in Europe and received a Japan Foundation Fellowship to Japan in 1995.

Her own choreography includes:
- Kiuanka (APCA Prize - Best Dancer and Concert of 1981)
- Karada for City Ballet Company of São Paulo (1983)
- Absurdos for City Ballet Company of São Paulo (1984)
- Malefor the Ballet company of the Castro Alves Theater in Salvador, Bahia (Carlton Dance Festival (1987)
- Castelo Ra-Tim-Bum for Radio Cultura and TV Cultura in São Paulo (1990)
- Danzon for Grupo Terr a Vista (1993)
- Preto no Branco for Grupo Terra a Vista (1994)
- A Flor da Pele (1992), (Awarded best solo by the São Paulo Critics Assoc. 1995) U.S. premiere at the 1995 New Vision Festival, Miami
- Danças Brasileiras (1993)
- Curinga (1993)
- Interactions for Arte Cidade (1994) & SESC Pompeia (1997)
- A Face Oculta, Brazil (1995 & 1996), (Awarded best solo by the São Paulo Critics Assoc 1997) U.S. premiere at the 1996 New Vision Festival
- premiere for City Ballet of São Paulo (September 1997)