Professional Dancer, graduate of Universidade Federal da Bahia (Federal University of Bahia State). Began her Studies in Salvador (BA) in 1982, when she took classical Ballet lessons as well as Modern Dance lessons.

TECHNIQUE OF CLASSICAL BALLET: Carlos Morais (BA), Maria Aparecida (BA), Ismael Guiser (SP), Jean Marie Dubrul (France), Jacqueline Finaert (France), Seme (RJ).
MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY DANCE: Fátima Daltro (BA) Brazil, Betti Grebler (BA) Brasil, Suzanne Yamauchi (SP) Brazil, Suzzane Linke (GER), Gregório Fasler (Chile), Michelle Brown (ENG), Peter Goss (France), João Saldanha (RJ) Brazil, Regina Miranda (RJ) Brazil, Dudude Hermann (MG) Brazil.
CHOREOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS: Rui Horta (Portugal), João Fiadeiro (Portugal), Ramon Oller (Spain), Regina Chopinot (France), Karine Saporta (France), Debbie Growald (Brazil).
GRAHAM DANCE: Marcelo Moacyr (BA), Maloney (USA), Gal Villas-Boas (BA).
AFRO DANCE: Rosangela Silvestre (BA), Arnaldo Pekeno (BA).
IMPROVISATION: Regina Miranda (RJ), Fátima Daltro (BA), Debbie Growald (SP).
BARRA AU SOLO: Zebrinha (BA), Gal Villas-Boas (BA), Jacqueline Finaert (France).

1993 - BIG SECRET - Escola de Contemporanea de Dança.
1993 - NUNCA HAVERA UMA PORTA, ESTAIS DENTRO (There Will Never Be a Door, You’re Inside) at the Rectory of The Federal University of Bahia State.
1994 - BLUE - Gregório de Matos Theater, National Workshop of Contemporary Dance at Vila Velha Theater.
1994 - LADY MADONA - National Workshop of Contemporary Dance at Vila Velha Theater.
1995 - SPLEEN - School of Confluent French (BA)
1996 - VALISES - New Choreographers Awards in Rio de Janeiro, 5th Panorama of Contemporary Dance (RJ), The 1st Vitoria Dance Festival (ES), The 4th Vitor Meirelles Plastic Art Exhibit - MASC (Art Museum of Santa Catarina State) - Florianópolis (SC) and others cities in Brazil and in others countries.
1997 - CORPO PROVISORIO - Café de la Danse Theater and Espaço Cultural Sérgio Porto, in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo e Salvador among others cities.

Cia Terceira Dança (1989-1992), Grupo Tran-Chan (1993-1995), Grupo Endança (1996) and with the following Choreographers: Lia Robato, Marcelo Moacyr, Maria Paulo C. Rego, Debbie Growald, Giovanni Luquini, Leda Muhana.

The longest distance between two points is the space of doubt. An annoying distance, capable of mobilizing even the most convincing of travelers, of his unknown destination. There is a big difference between packing and traveling. The path of detachment, of willingness towards risk, of courage towards (self) revelations: a personal and non-transferable trajectory. More than melancholy, what resides inside the chest, on every goodbye, is the uneasiness of this stamp. This is the trip of Valises.

Choreographed and Performed by Ana Vitória
Music: William Sheller and Nicola Porpora
Duration: 10 minutes
Costume Design: Angele Fróes
Scenery: 4 suitcases
Video: Adriana Varella

Some choreographers make use of dancing as a megaphone, a reverberation chamber to express ideas that they have formulated about the world, presenting themes through their dance. Others create dances so that they can dialog with the world, which results in ideas; This is the case with Ana Vitória, whose achievements, in her field of expertise, present just this dialog. Valises and Corpo Provisório are contents of occurrences. What is perceived in Valises and Corpo Provisório isn't a topic in the manner of dancing, but formulations of state, environments in which the dancing topics, the dance and the body language interact in circumstantial, simultaneous and reciprocal ways. A dialog that, like all others, is a pure transformational experience: the singularity of the topics reveals a spectrum of interchangeable affinities, that way, each topic finds space to expand itself in others. Ana Vitória has her own way of promoting this expansion. A way that imposes itself by the singularity of her body: The precision.

The organization and execution of her choreographic work is revealed on her clean, exact and moderate outline to the size of each created impulse. It is almost aristocratic, with no trace of the pedantic, because no qualification of it's valor finds any base in this respectful environment with the diversity of the world.

Ana Vitória seems to understand that things are as they are, and she does not care if they are judged by the way they manifest themselves. It's from this fondness that comes the affection of her work. This is her secret.

Fabiana Dutra Brito
Critic and Research of Dance

Ana Vitória, ballerina and choreographer, graduate of Escola de Dança da Universidade Federal da Bahia (The School of Dance at The Bahia State Federal University in Brazil), worked with Cia Terceira Dança (SP), Grupo Tran-Chan (BA) and Grupo Endança (DF) among others. In 1994 she lived in France and worked with the choreographers Karine Saporta and Angelin Prejlocaj. Today, living in Rio de Janeiro, she is managing the company Ana Vitória Dança Contemporanea.

Her choreography Blue and Lady Madona were presented at the 13th National Workshop of Contemporary Dance in Bahia. Valises was shown at the 5th Panorama of Contemporary Dance in Rio de Janeiro and at the 1st Vitória Dance Festival - Espírito Santo. It won a premium at the 13th New Choreographers Award in Rio de Janeiro and, among 950 other artists, at the 4th Vitor Meireles Arts Exhibit in the Museum of Art of Santa Catarina State in Florianopólis. Valises was also presented in many cities in Brazil and in other countries.

Her more recent choreography Corpo Provisório, was presented at Teatro Café de la Danse and Espaço Cultural Sérgio Porto in Rio de Janeiro and was shown in São Paulo e Salvador among others cities.