by Charles Recher
Streets of South Beach

Co-sponsored with Miami Beach TMA and
City of Miami Beach Parking Department

Miami media artist Charles Recher created vibrant video imagery for the windows of the South Beach bus "Electrowave". Flying palms, giant waves, seagulls, ballet dancers, a sea of sawgrass—all transformed the "Electrowave" to a moving theater of Florida video imagery. The "Electrowave Bus" is the public vehicle that transports people up and down the roads of South Beach. Charles transformed the ‘Electrowave" into this moving theater of light by projecting from inside the bus onto rear screen film material fastened to the windows of the bus, Thus, the windows became a movie. At one moment the illusion of oversized heads looking out the windows looked real. The next moment reality changed as the windows burst into a sea of sawgrass or a school of mullet.

Charles Recher, a video artist has completed numerous projection installations from inside moving vehicles. The images come and go like flashes in a dream. The work is unexpected, witty and engaging. The heart of all of Charles' work is about bringing the art experience to whomever is in its pathway. All of his works have historically worked outside of traditional venues from his VOLCANO "car" strapped to the roof of his vehicle and driven around Miami-Dade, stopping to project film from the volcano to the underparts of bridges and expressways, to his video installation FACE II in the window of a storefront, to BIKE, a bicycle with a film projector strapped onto it that projected film as he pedaled. His work has received recognition from NEA, Rockefeller, State of Florida and regional fellowship sources.

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