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There is no real ending. It's just the place where you stop the story. – Frank Herbert

The author of Dune said it well. Our story stops here, but it doesn't really end. It's been a wonderful and rich 38 years. In addition to our lengthy presenting history, Tigertail has proven to be a breeding ground for Miami artists. Tigertail's programs combined an energetic mix of area, national and international artists of all disciplines. Over the years, Tigertail presented over 670 artists – in dance, music, film/video, theater, performance, poetry/spoken word and the visual arts. In addition to its annual concert season, Tigertail commissioned and provided travel opportunities within the US and abroad for hundreds of local artists to develop and facilitate their careers. We are especially proud of this, because their work is a part of the future of art in Miami. But everything must come to an end.

This 2013 interview with me provides an overview of Tigertail's artistic programming.

We are especially proud of our projects that our ScreenDance Miami program has been picked up by our long-time friend and partner Miami Light Project and will continue under the direction of the amazing Pioneer Winter.

We plan for this website to stay up for at least another 6 years, enabling you to explore our history. By clicking on Support and Sponsors in the menu above, you can view the many generous individuals, organizations, foundations and governmental entities who helped sustain us in the past season.

Most of all, we would like to thank our followers and audience members. Artists that Tigertail presented here feel that Miami audiences are the best.

Tigertail has been my passion for a long time. What a great pleasure it has been to share our history with you.


Mary Luft
Founder and
Executive Director

July, 2017

florida's pioneer of innovative arts and culture