OCTOBER 27 - NOVEMBER 10, 2001
and SPRING, 2002

M U S I C   D A N C E   T H E A T E R   V I D E O   P O E T R Y

The FLA/BRA (Florida/Brazil) Festival, produced by Tigertail Productions, is Florida’s pioneer of new, cutting edge and innovative art.

Tigertail was forced to reschedule several of our major FLA/BRA events. The revisions were the direct and indirect result of the bombing of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. This re-scheduling was brought about because of increased cargo difficulties, the sudden, unexpected death of our wonderful travel agent George Halas of New Port Tours on October 1, 2001 and a new hard line policy regarding artist visas.

In the very week of the bombings Mayor Giuliani of NYC insisted that theaters, museums and cultural events go on as planned. At this very difficult time, Tigertail believes that cultural expression is freedom of expression -- one of our basic tenets. The Taliban banned music, dance and the arts and destroyed ancient statuary. We feel that it is the responsibility of the people and governments of the free world to elevate and support the arts.

(FLA/BRA 2001 was dedicated to the memory of George Halas of New Port Tours)

Descriptions of Festival Events

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