Once upon a time there was soccer,…

by Maria do Rosário Caetano
Jornal de Brasília
Section 2 – Saturday March 21, 1998

In the year of the World Cup four Brazilian movies about the most popular national sport will hit the screen. Brazilian Football Revisited/PROS by Ugo Giorgetti is ready. It will premier in Brasília on May 14.

Brazilian Football Revisited/PROS will touch many Brazilians. The movie by the São Paulo born Italian descendant, Ugo Giorgetti, already shown in special pre-views for soccer professionals and the press, will open to the fans of Corinthians, São Paulo, Palmeiras, Santos, Portuguesa and Juventus on April 24th. Those are the soccer teams that populate, with their black and white, young and old, educated, popularized or forgotten athletes, the six episodes of the movie. And what a movie! One of the best fiction movies ever made in Brazil.


Ugo Giorgetti made a movie filled with Rosselini’s neo-realistic humanism and actors of the same magnitude. Never before a Brazilian fiction movie, about soccer, has gone this far. The stories (six in all, that surface around a table in a bar) captivate the audience with their well spun narratives, photography and performances. The dialogues are minimalistic and sharp: Ugo does not waste words (or money).


In the end, the players get up and leave. The air lingers with the remains of humor and love. And the pleasure of seeing that soccer, that has brought the country so much joy, has found on the screen an inspired story teller. Brazilian Football Revisited/PROS is the best movie by Ugo Giorgetti, author of Jogo, Duro, Festa and Sábado.