Tigertail Bold Adventures Season 2010-2011

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Tigertail Expected/ Unexpected Season 2011-2012

This was a FUN, inventive and a slightly crazy event. As you know by now, the theme was "peep". Here's a list of what was expected at the Expected/Unexpected Party:

  • Monsieur Peep by David Rohn, in one of his performance guises, announced your name for the evening and gave directions.
  • Music as you entered was by Jan Sebon on djembe from the illustrious Haitian ensemble – Kazak
  • Bars and food – hard stuff, water, wine and beer, food is Thai. Floral arrangements by Alain Filiz of Black Eyed Susans are divine.
  • Cool sax and double bass by Matthew Taylor and Dan Dickinson in the entrance area
  • Then on to the "peep" room with films from the 1930s, from the private collection of Barron Scherer, uhmmm, yes, it turned out to be what you Expected!
  • Next, the poet room – which only activated when you opened the door.
  • Further on in the women's bathroom/chorus room was our Avatar – your destiny was solved by only staring into his eyes
  • Next, the men's bathroom/chorus room, and a "come hither" shower installation. Clifton Childree shared the room with one of his notorious installations.
  • Before embarking on the stage, at the end of the hall, was the Man at the End of the Hall (in real life, Jim Mullin, the editor and publisher of Biscayne Times). He was reading some famous novels on his laptop. He may have allowed you see what he was reading and asked you to identify it. You may have guessed Henry Miller's The Tropic of Cancer or Anaïs Nin's Delta of Venus. If you did, you may have been correct. You might have left a "peep" message on the bulletin board near his station
  • Now to the main stage. As your foot hit the boards, you looked right and saw a cage where Octavio Campos and Mark Holt reigned. Octavio was in fur and Mark only balloons. They may have invited you into their cage.
  • The stage was controlled by John Kramel and Lisa Beal, emcees for the evening. Some of you may have made it to John's "69" party. No more said on that one, only video evidence on Facebook
  • Straight ahead, a parade of shoes and legs was seen only from the knees down at the front curtain. Some of you were able to match up that gorgeous pair of legs or that divine pair of shoes or bizarre slippers later in the evening
  • On the far right – yes the art. You ogled, then bid; and just beyond, the cool non-art, dinners, hotel stays, great stuff to buy
  • The monster size screen on the stage's back wall went all night with images captured by California designer Heber Siqueiros. (He also did the sound for the evening.)
  • Katherine Kramer and Joanne Barrett, recent Pablo Cano Red Velvet Theater favorites, did a brief sort of Lucy and Ethel performance.
  • Then the curtain went up for a piano/songstress duo, Celeste Fraser Delgado singing from atop the piano in a prone position. Not to be outdone, Katherine Kramer removed the mic from Celeste and crooned in her dusky club voice a few favorites
  • As the evening ended, our trademark appearance floating up to the stage was the opera singer Amy Alvarado singing "Summertime"
  • The minute this diva was swooped off the stage we moved hard into a "disco ball"
  • The magic ended at 11pm. Many left with art and non-art that they purchased in the auction. Many left with sore feet but high spirits from dancing. All vowed to return for the next Tigertail Fundraising Blast!

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