November 3 - 7, Wednesday through Sunday

The Photographer, The Box of Images

Daily in streets and malls of Miami, free

Call 305 324 4337 for an up-to-date schedule

From Brazil to the Festival d’Avignon in France, to Miami, the puppet/theater group, The Box of Images, brings their 3-minute miniature, magical, poetic work, The Photographer—a one-on-one experience, viewed by peering into an old-style street photographer’s camera box. The Photographer is a lyric homage to the mobile photographer. The photographer of the Box of Images prepares a humorous way for the viewer to be photographed. At the end, the viewer takes his picture home.

The Box of Images started in 1994 and instantly became popular in the streets and festivals of Brazil. This prize-winning Brazilian puppet/theater group performs magical, poetic, three-minute stories that have sound (via a Walkman), but no words. The pieces are performed inside a small box that looks much like an old-style street photographer’s camera box. The story is viewed by sitting on a stool and peering into the box, into a world performed by miniature puppets. This style of theater has its roots in the puppet theater of Europe during XVIII and XIX centuries and the black box of traditional Italian theater. Each story is a sort of Haiku, an essence of known universal themes. The Box of Images is more than a theater inside a box; it is a small island for private emotions, enchantment and enjoyment. The spectator who looks inside is often touched and becomes involved with the story. While they cannot influence the story, they feel a part of it.

Says one viewer; "The story is a fast, simple ritual that switches everything, from the ordinary world into a magic land of images. For me, watching the Image Box was to enjoy something different from anything that I had ever experienced. Everything is so small, yet at the same time, so large. Emotions are awakened and the wish is to get inside that little magic space. The puppeteers have thought about every little detail and execute the story with mastery and fluidity. The Box of Images is like looking through the keyhole of a door."

The Box of Images Group: Mônica Simões, Carlos Gaucho, Evelyn Cristina and Fábio Coutinho

Puppets Construction: Mônica Simões

Duration: 3 minutes

Performance History:


  • July, Festival d’Avignon in France
  • July, Festivals in Germany
  • 1998

  • November, SESC Big World Event, "M’agua"
  • Coca-Cola Theater Project, "So. . . Happy", chosen for a Mambembe Award, Best Spectacle, Cultura Inglesa Theater.
  • "Images of Mythology" performances
  • August, "Ainda-Luzia" as part of a month-long project by SESC Lorca in the Streets that traveled to 25 cities throughout Brazil.
  • 1997

  • A series of cultural events organized by Mayoralty of São Paulo
  • Gave theater classes in the cities of the interior of the State of São Paulo
  • Participated in the 50th Anniversary Event for the Magazine Iris Photo, organized by City Bank
  • Participated in events programmed by the Cultural Center of Banco do Brasil
  • Participated in events programmed by SESI
  • Presentation for Master Kazuo Ohno
  • I International Animation Theater Festival of Barueri, Brazil
  • VI Theater Festival of Culture Center Monte Azul, São Paulo
  • International Theater Festival Volterra, Italy
  • I Mime Festival of Barueri, Brazil
  • Coca-Cola Theater Festival
  • Participated in the inauguration of SESC Vila Mariana
  • 1996

  • Streets and schools of Santo André, organized by the city for school summer vacations
  • Performances at resorts and cities along the shores of Brazil
  • A project "A Dose of Theater" at a theater for COOTEPE
  • Exhibition Theater, organized by SESC Campinas and the V Curitiba Theater Festival
  • International Animation Theater Festival, organized by SESC Ipiranga
  • Close Theater Festival, organized by SESC Santos
  • Theater Festival, organized by the city of Santos
  • IV Theater Festival of Resende, Rio de Janeiro
  • "SESC Urban Scene", organized by SESC Campinas
  • 1995

  • Butoh Show and Research Theater, performed "Once a Dancer", an homage to the Japanese Master Kazuo Ohno.
  • International Animation Theater festival, SESC Ipiranga, SP
  • Municipal School Teachers Symposium
  • Libraries at City schools São Paulo
  • 27th Winter Festival of the University of Minas Gerais, OurO Preto, Brazil
  • Children’s Day at DERDIC of the Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC)
  • Snail of Illustration Book Fair, organized by the Goethe Institute
  • "Art in the Streets", organizaed by the Mayoralty of São Paulo
  • 1994

  • Participated in the event Maria Clara Clareou, July, 1994 at SESC Pompéia. This event was nominated to Mambembe Awards, in the Special Category.