This auction was great fun and a great success as well!
Attendees bid on prize-winning "bras" designed by Miami's finest! All were "Brabie" award winners. Two of them received the Twin Peaks Award and the Booby Prize. Grand Door Prize came from ON GOSSAMER, INC., a Miami lingerie company, where "Bubbles" fit the winner with a wardrobe of matching bras and bottoms.

We delighted in the southwestern style of Auctioneer Ned Sublette, the noted New York City-based "cowboy rumba" singer and songwriter.

Proceeds from the Tigertail Productions 1st Annual FLA/BRA Party and Benefit Auction went to support the activities of Tigertail's 5th Annual FLA/BRA (Florida/Brazil) Festival. FLA/BRA is Florida's premiere festival of new and innovative work from Brazil and Florida.

Special thanks to the following for their donated services:
Design: Jacques Auger Design Associates, Inc.
Miami Dance Futures
Miami River Inn


Genaro Ambrosino
Lucia Aratanha
Jacques & Claudia Auger
Marilyn Blanco-Reyes
Judith Chestler
Suzanne Delehanty
Maria do Carmo Fulfaro
Betsy H. Kaplan
Mitchell Kaplan
Helen Kohen
John Kramel
Cathy Leff
Mary Luft
Gary Lund
Thornton McDaniel
Stephen Nester
Georgiana Pickett
Michael Putney
Adriana Sabino
Yolanda Sanchez
Linda M. Smith
Barry Steinman
Frances Switt
Tom Skola
Alfredo Triff
Brenda Williamson


Rem Cabrera
Don Chauncey
Dewey Losasso
Chris Ingalls
Iran Issa Kahn
Live Wire
Ton Luyk
Gina Martell
Jim Mullin
George Neary
Richard Shack
Gil Snyder
Lineu Vitale
David Whitman


Yura Adams
Genaro Ambrosino
Carlos Betancourt
Beth Boone, Miami Light
Brazilian Love Jazz, Gina Martell
Susan Caraballo
Elizabeth Cheatham
William Cordova
David Bogert
Eduoard Duval-Carrie
John Espinosa
Naomi Fisher
Robert Flynn
Luis Gispert
Marilyn Gottlieb-Roberts
Elizabeth Hall
Tamara Hendershot
James Herring
Bob Huff
Carol Jacque
William Keddell
Gerry Kelly
Jeffrey Knapp
Dina Knapp
Horst Kohler

John Kramel
Juan Lescano
Jackie Lipsky
Kirsten Luft
Rosario Marquat
Charo Oquet
Jorge Pantoja
Kate Rawlinson
Charles Recher
Karen Rifas
David Rohn
Yolanda Sanchez
Tom Schmidt
Ellen Shisko
Gene Tinnie
Ruben Torres-Llorca
Cesar Trasobares
Alfredo Triff
Eugenia Vargas
Glen Weil
Michelle Weinberg
Annie Wharton
World Famous Johnny
Barbara Young